10 Best Curling Irons For All Hair Types 2019

Get The Gorgeous Wavy Locks Of Your Dreams With These Top-Rated Curling Irons

Best Curling Irons For All Hair Types Ah, the curling iron. A tool that has long been a staple in our hair care arsenal, the curling iron is oftentimes the first hot tool we master in the lifelong journey of styling our tresses at home. We’ve all grown up watching our mothers, older sisters, friends, and even the most glamorous of models on television commercials exemplify good curling form. But let’s be honest, taking the first plunge at creating bouncing volume worthy of Farrah Fawcett’s approval oftentimes ends in a few painful burns and weirdly crimped locks. Every girl has a story about when her curling iron became her biggest adversary: the time it somehow jumped out of her hand and landed a burn on her neck that too closely resembled an embarrassing hickey, that one time the brittle clip finally popped off the barrel and shot across the room, or even the face of sensory overload your roommate subconsciously made when she entered your shared bathroom filled with burnt hair fumes well before you learned about the life-saving component that is a ceramic or tourmaline barrel. Even the most experienced of curling queens have their occasional run-in with a bad grip or stinging burn years later, and we’re committed to the notion that beauty and curl bounce is a pain.

How to get the perfect curl: At first glance—and even after several seasoned attempts for some of us—achieving springy, flawlessly spiraled hair doesn’t seem like much of an easy task. In fact, if we’re being real, the entire process is a science. Selecting the best curling iron for your hair is the first hurdle. What may be the best curling iron for waves may not be the ideal candidate for long or fine hair. In addition to complementing your hair type, picking the proper curler that will create a lasting hold can be the difference between healthy hair and a dry and brittle uphill battle back to the tresses of your dreams. After choosing the best iron for curling hair, the prep work necessary to ensure your flowing locks don’t fall flat 10 minutes after completion is the next big challenge. Choosing the proper products to use with your curling iron, like the top-recommended heat protectants, is crucial to creating killer curls. We recommend the T3 version with interchangeable barrels for a variety of looks. This version even includes a barrel with a clamp as well as curling wand barrels for a naturally wavy look. If you have damaged hair, we recommend selecting a curling iron or curling wand with a variety of heat settings to choose from and working with the lowest heat setting possible. If you’re on a budget and need a variety of heat levels to choose from, we recommend the Hot Tools 24k Gold Curling Iron. If you’re willing to spend a little more, the CHI Only ARC Automatic Rotating Curler offers a digital temperature display and an automatic rotating barrel, making the curling process an easy task.

What comes after you find the best curling iron: Once you’ve mastered the basics and prepped your hair for the real thing, getting skilled at the tricks of the curling iron trade is the true sign of a curling queen. Perfecting the ponytail trick for achieving big curls in a hurry, understanding and finding the healthy heat setting that works for you, knowing the difference between curling iron sizes, and understanding the importance of letting your curls cool are all skills that come with time and super tired arms. When you finally curl the last strand, keeping your style pristine is yet another feat not easily accomplished by many. Selecting the best hairspray is a key factor in braving the humid, hot, and just plain random weather outside your bathroom’s four walls. In addition to finding the right heat protectants, hair sprays, and styling tools for your mane, the insane amount of duds that require trial and error and a never-ending flow of money needed to finally find your perfect products is enough to make any gal throw in the towel. What may have seemed like a tedious and daunting task in the past is finally being made easy with the best curling irons in the game. We’re taking the stress of sizing up the perfect curler out of your hair-care equation with this list of coveted hot tool options.

Find your ideal curling iron with the Rank & Style algorithm: It’s time you get your glamorous curls, loosely coiled locks, or beachy mermaid waves with the top curling irons in the hair industry so you can curl your hair like a pro. We’ve scoured the web to find the best curling iron, according to reviews, that deliver optimum shine, long-lasting bounce, and frizz-free tresses with every use, for every hair type, and length. Whether you’re rocking long and straight hair or your tresses are short and textured, these new 10 curling irons will help you create the curls you’ve been dreaming about. Our lineup includes the best curling irons for thick hair, the best curling irons for long hair, and the best curling iron brands that ensure every lock is perfectly coiled to perfection for any occasion life may bring your way. Regardless of your hair length or texture, our styling product selections offer a range of curl options, from loose and lightweight to tight, tapered, and voluptuous with some including interchangeable barrels, making all looks obtainable with one hot tool. In addition to including a range of top curling iron brands from T3 to Hot Tools and Conair, different sizes, and healthy hair benefits, our Top 10 best curling irons and best curling wands of 2019 fits any budget and any hair emergency with a variety of prices and styles available to choose from. These hot selections are vetted by our data-driven algorithm that searches the internet to find and select the best products by looking at user reviews, editorial mentions, social buzz, best-seller list acknowledgments, and other top recommendations from trusted hair and beauty sources. Get the scoop on the Top 10 best hair curlers and exactly where to buy them with just a few clicks through our list for luscious locks.

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