10 Best Hair Growth Treatments And Supplements

A Roundup Of The Best Treatments And Vitamins For Growing Your Hair

Best Hair Growth Treatments And Supplements The process of growing your hair out is often not as easy as it sounds. It takes time. This is often not ideal when you’ve officially decided you want longer hair and are currently rocking a much shorter look than you would like. Thankfully we know of a few products that will help speed things up. Using our algorithm, we sorted through the masses to unveil the 10 best hair growth treatments on the web. According to their reviews, these products actually do what they say—grow your hair. Although that may sound too good to be true, trust us when we say it’s not. By stimulating the hair follicle and providing your body with the essentials it needs to promote hair growth, the following supplements and treatments work to give you longer, healthier hair and have been selected due to the results they continuously give. Ready to get your hair growing? Scroll down now to discover the 10 best treatments and supplements for boosting your hair growth game and achieving your desired #hairgoals.

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Elon Matrix 5000 with 5000 mcg Biotin, $29

Elon Matrix 5000 with 5000 mcg Biotin

WHY YOU NEED IT: A blend of biotin, silicon dioxide, and l-cysteine work together to promote healthy hair growth and give you stronger nails.

HELPFUL TIP: We’ve got some good news. This supplement doesn’t contain any wheat, gluten, sugar, starch, yeast, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial flavors, or lactose.

  • Formulated with biotin, silicon dioxide, and l-cysteine
  • Cruelty-free

Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth, $10

Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

WHY YOU NEED IT: This seriously makes growing out your hair super easy and simple. Just swap your current shampoo out for this pick and you’ll start to see a major difference in thickness and length after a few washes.

FUN FACT: In addition to promoting hair growth, this shampoo is made with nourishing pure argan coconut evening primrose, and jojoba to give you soft, silky locks.

  • Formulated with biotin, pro-vitamin B5, and jojoba oil
  • DHT blocker
  • Free of sulfates, parabens, and silicone
  • Cruelty-free

Ouai Hair Supplement for Thinning Hair, $28

Ouai Hair Supplement for Thinning Hair

BEST FOR: Hair loss giving you stress? This supplement is for you. Made with ashwagandha, a natural stress reliever, this helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

USERS SAID: “I’ve been trying to improve my hair health and length for the last year. I started out using Viviscal, and saw a little hair growth, but not too much. 6 months ago, I quit using Viviscal and started taking OUAI Thin as soon as they hit the market, and I loved my results! Tons of baby hairs and new hair growth at the roots, my hair has more volume and is shinier, softer, and stronger.”

  • Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates

Sports Research Biotin with Virgin Coconut Oil, $15

Sports Research Biotin with Virgin Coconut Oil

BEST FOR: Giving you more radiant hair, skin, and nails

HELPFUL TIP: If you’re not satisfied after 90 days, you get your money back.

  • Available in other sizes
  • Formulated with Biotin 5000mcg, coconut oil, and non-GMO rice bran wax

Rogaine Women’s 5% Minoxidil Foam, $45

Rogaine Women's 5% Minoxidil Foam

BEST FOR: This topical solution is ideal for treating thinning hair in its early stages.

LOVED FOR: Formulated with botanical extracts and emollient, the foam will also help to condition and nourish your scalp.

  • Formulated with 5% minoxidil and alpha hydroxy acid
  • Free of sulfates, parabens, dyes, and aluminum

HairGenics Propidren DHT Blocker & Hair Growth Supplement, $39

HairGenics Propidren DHT Blocker & Hair Growth Supplement

LOVED FOR: Preventing DHT production—a molecule inside your body that’s responsible for hair loss.

HELPFUL TIP: For best results, take two capsules daily for three months.

  • Made in the USA
  • Formulated with biotin, horsetail, nettle extract, pygeum bark powder, and green tea extract

Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence Supplement, $22

Zhou Nutrition Hairfluence Supplement

BEST FOR: Want to really speed up the growing process? Take this.

USERS SAID: “These pills are amazing! I was overwhelmed by how quickly I saw a difference. I hesitated to write a review right away because I wanted to get a better idea of how these pills performed over several weeks. I’ve noticed my hair strands are much stronger and appear to be longer and thicker. Spots, where my hair has been balding and thinning, are coming back to life.”

  • Formulated with MSM, biotin, collagen hydrolysate, and bamboo extract
  • Contains a blend of vitamins and minerals

Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair Gummies, $25

Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair Gummies

BEST FOR: A delicious solution to help you grow your hair

LOVED FOR: Not only will this give you longer, shinier hair, but it will also help to boost hair pigmentation to enhance your natural color.

  • Vegan
  • Formulated with 5000 mcg of biotin, fo-ti, PABA, and zinc
  • Berry flavored

Nutrafol Hair Wellness From Within, $88

Nutrafol Hair Wellness From Within

HELPFUL TIP: Keep up with the use of this product. Over time your hair will be completely transformed.

FUN FACT: This beloved supplement is a beauty award winner; trusted by over 1,300 dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and hairstylists; and has had over one million bottles sold.

  • Physician-formulated
  • 100% drug-free
  • Formulated with ashwagandha, curcumin, saw palmetto, marine collagen, and biotin

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Supplements, $39

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Supplements

WHAT IT DOES: A marine complex of AminoMar® and horsetail (stem) extract join forces to boost hair growth from within.

COMPLETE THE LOOK: Pair these tablets with a hair growth shampoo to maximize growth possibilities.

  • 100% drug-free
  • Contains Amin Omar, biotin, vitamin C, and iron

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